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10 Easy Ways to Find Topics for Your Business Blog

Most business owners know they should be producing blog content on a regular basis. But how do you know what to write about? Here are 10 easy ways to find topics for your business blog:

1. Client questions.

Keep a running list of questions that your clients ask you. Answering each question could be its own blog post (and if the answer is very detailed, it could even be a white paper!).

2. Industry news.

Follow industry news. When something interesting happens, respond with your own “take” on the subject (and link back to the original article).

3. Seasonal topics.

Grab seasonal traffic by tying your service or product to holidays and specific times of year. Be creative. For instance, “Top 10 reasons why internet security should be on your holiday gift list this year,” or “Go back to school with these 5 lessons about XYZ.”

4. Controversial stances.

Sure, you might turn a few people off, but taking a controversial position about something in your industry is a great way to attract conversation and interest. (Of course, make sure you actually believe in what you’re saying!).

5. “Best of” lists.

Since you’re already following industry news, keep a running list of your favorite articles, videos, podcasts, etc. Each month, post this list to your blog.

6. How-to guides.

You’re a wealth of knowledge about your own industry and niche. Write very brief “how-to guides” on whichever topics your company focuses on.

7. Your old, popular posts.

Keep track of which of your own social media or blog posts have done well in the past. Write about a different or related aspect of that popular topic, or dive into it in more detail.

8. Clients and customers.

Explain how a customer used your product, or how you helped solve their problem. These client profiles or mini-case studies do not have to be long or detailed (get client permission first).

9. “A day in the life of.”

Post a brief timeline of your day (or the day of another leader in your company). These “insider views” offer fascinating peeks into how the sausage is made – and readers love it.

10. Audience-specific topics.

Who are your different audiences? Write something that speaks directly to them or helps them solve a problem. For instance, tech startups are one of our audiences, so recently we wrote a blog post about why tech startups need to produce great content.

Coming up with blog topics is one of the hardest parts about maintaining a blog. Help yourself out by generating a bunch of ideas upfront; it will make it easier to stay consistent and committed as you move forward. And if you’re having trouble blogging on a regular schedule, consider hiring a writer. Our post about the pros and cons of outsourcing your business blog explores this issue in more detail.


Emily Paterson

Emily Paterson

As CEO and creative director at Quatrain, I work with clients like Experian, EverFi, Inc. magazine, Virtru, and Liberty Mutual, helping them spread their message in the most compelling and creative ways possible. I also wrangle an amazing and rowdy team of writers, designers, coders, and videographers. We delight in creating really great stuff, getting it done quickly, and having a great time while we do it. What can we create for you?

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