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Creating an Infographic with a Central Image: An Infographic 101 Series

Post Series: Infographics 101


Got a topic with data that revolves heavily around one idea or theme? Consider creating an infographic with a strong central image relating to that theme.
Experian’s request for an infographic about the spending habits of millennials was the perfect opportunity for us to create this type of central-image infographic. Displaying lots of statistics had the potential to be boring; but arranging information around a central image of a millennial allows it to be fun, bold, and interesting. And after all, what’s fun about a millennial infographic if you don’t have an actual millennial in it? Here’s how we did it:

An X-Ray of Millennial SpendingCentral Image

The central figure of the millennial is bold and immediately attracts the reader’s attention. Contrasting a light figure against a dark background makes it even bolder and more eye-catching.

Secondary ThemeSecondary Theme

A secondary theme of “x-ray” also makes this piece pop. The x-ray imagery starts in the header and continues through the rest of the graphic.

Custom Details

Small, custom details make this infographic stand apart from other generic graphics. We love the man-bun, cuffed skinny-jeans, sunglasses, and client-related rock-n-roll tee.

Dealing with Lots of CopyDealing with Lots of Copy

While “less is more” is always the rule when it comes to infographic copy, a central-image infographic is a handy way to deal with lots of copy in an infographic, for two reasons:

  1. First, you don’t have to use graphs. Some of our central-image infographics do feature little graphs around the edges, but it’s not necessary;
  2. Second, arraying the text around the outside of the image makes it feel less overwhelming and text-heavy – even when you have lots of copy.

Want more info on creating infographics? Check out our introductory blog post in this Infographic 101 series, along with 4 common mistakes when writing copy for infographics. And stay tuned for our next blog post, where we’ll look at how to build an infographic using photographs mixed with illustration.



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Emily Paterson

As CEO and creative director at Quatrain, I work with clients like Experian, EverFi, Inc. magazine, Virtru, and Liberty Mutual, helping them spread their message in the most compelling and creative ways possible. I also wrangle an amazing and rowdy team of writers, designers, coders, and videographers. We delight in creating really great stuff, getting it done quickly, and having a great time while we do it. What can we create for you?

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