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Infographic Design Basics: An Infographic 101 Series

Post Series: Infographics 101


We created this infographic for AT&T a few years back and it’s still one of our favorites! When we are onboarding new writers and designers to our team, we will often pull this out as an example of what to do right. Here’s what we like about it:

Quatrain Creative - Infographics 101 - Overall DesignOverall Design

It’s clean and crisp, implementing the client’s branding and colors without getting too cluttered or “busy.” Remember that with good design, often less is more. Check out the entire image by clicking the thumbnail on the left.

Quatrain Creative - Infographics 101 - Bold HeaderColorful Header

The header grabs the readers’ attention, and it’s set apart stylistically from the rest of the infographic.

Quatrain Creative - Infographics 101 - OrganizationOrganization

Repetition is one of the four big principles of design. The writer created three distinct sections, making it easy to understand (for both reader and designer). The blue banner is a repeating visual cue to the reader signaling the start of each new section. Each section contains several takeaways and is more or less the same size.


There’s nothing worse than a nonsensical pie chart – except maybe an entire infographic full of boring bar graphs. In this piece, our designer did a great job of mixing up the types of graphs while still ensuring that they are relevant to both the theme (in this case, millennials), and the statistics.

Quatrain Creative - Infographics 101 - Spinning PositiveTurning a Negative into a Positive

This piece of copy was a challenge for our designer, as there wasn’t really a graph that would work to relay the information. Instead, he decided not to use a graph at all, putting the information into its own little graphic to highlight it. (And this sneaker ended up being our client’s favorite design element).

Quatrain Creative - Infographics 101 - ConclusionConclusion

Wraps up the infographic and gives the reader something new to think about. Although this client chose not to, many clients also add a call-to-action (CTA) here, with a URL or contact number.

Want more info on creating quality infographics? Check out our other posts in the series, including how to create an infographic with a central image, and the 4 most common mistakes when writing copy for infographics. Or browse our portfolio for more examples!




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